Medieval Prosthetic Arm-『Free!!!』

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I was inspired by this image. Hope you have fun using my asset.

Disclaimer: I've Made this asset when I first started making assets long time ago, so it's super unoptimized. You can just decimate it to make it more optimize if you want to.

Made the mesh from scratch.

-It’s rigged and weight painted.

-Make sure you have some basic unity knowledge to use this asset to it's full potential.

-Add Poyomi shader then the package.

Rules (TOS):

-You're only allowed to use this asset on Vrchat.

-You are not allowed to resell this asset even if you edited it.

-You can use it on Private/Free/Public/On Sale avatars.

-You must fill the Discord Tag correctly on checkout to obtain the Commercial License.

-Only use this asset on a complete model.

-Always credit my discord: Lucas369#8083 with a link to my store.

-Don't share this asset or upload it to any website, always use this link.

-Don't use this asset for anything illegal, hateful or inappropriate

  • when you buy this digital product, you're buying the license to use it and you do not actually own it. I still holds all the rights to it..

-Any rule breaking can result in both a ban and a DMCA for copyright infringement.

I want this!

No Refund

Thank you for your interest in purchasing This 3d Model .

Before you make your purchase , we kindly ask that you carefully read our refund policy outlined below and my TOS . No Refunds Due to the digital nature of our product , all sales are final . Once you have gained access to the digital material , we are unable to offer refunds , exchanges , or cancellations . By making a purchase , you agree to these terms . product Access Upon successful payment , you will receive immediate access to the content. Please ensure that the email address you provide during the purchase process is accurate.

Last updated May 18, 2023

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Medieval Prosthetic Arm-『Free!!!』

12 ratings
I want this!