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Lenore, The Yin & Yang Succubus (PC/Quest/Green Optimized)-(Personal License only)

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I'm super happy to finally release Lenore and I'm positive that you'll all love her. I'd love to thank my community and all my friends especially Beany for helping me with the testing. Feel free to ask me any question about the avi in my server:

Discord Server

I offer an Upload option for Quest Users.

Disclaimer: Some features are unavailable for the Quest version due to quest limitations. For example the particles, spring joint, other skin tones and the ring were removed. And the ass slap animation won't work on quest.


-Avatar 3.0

-Several Custom Facial Expressions. (I added few more expressions so they'll be slightly different from the video)

-Phys Bones supported

-Full-Body Ready And Tested.

- Ass Slap Animations On Both Cheeks with Sound. (Each side have a different animation)

-Supports Locomotion GoGo

-Quest-and an Optimized Green Version


  • 3 Skin Tones.
  • 2 Hair Styles (with black and white color swap)
  • 2 Shoes options
  • Top, Gloves, shorts toggles.
  • Accessories include: Ring, bracelet, chains and leg harness.
  • Dissolve Toggle. (She has a black smoke spawn animation option)
  • 2 Spring Joints

  • Hand particles
  • Tail and Horns toggles
  • GoGo Loco Menu Toggles


Head By ZinPia (My personal edit, not allowed for reuse)

Body By Pandaabear#9873

Hair texure by WetCat#6969

DevilHeart SpringJoint By Kisu

Shorts By Darcy#0005

Top By It's Yukina

Demon Horns by ossocore#1111

Space Buns Hair by ZinPia

Long Hair by SPECTRE#7169

Tail by blankchii

by Nauuki

Shoe by By Gashina#1960

Heels by Renipuff#3700

Tattoo By Uni#1369 (Edited by Lucas369#8083)

Face Texture by Miing


Arm Chain and Yin and Yang Acc Set by nini#0517

Image(s) used under license from Shutterstock.com

Locomotion Fix By Wetcat 

Locomotion GoGo

DPS Features

Simple Hand Particles by RaivoVFX (It's free). you can find it here: https://raivovfx.booth.pm/items/2329312

Photos By Ava#7675 & sorryimjasper#4924

Video Showcase By Libra.#0110
Toggles Showcase By Ava#7675

Terms of Service:

Here are a few Terms of Service you will be automatically agree to when you purchase my model. Make sure you read through it.

-If you're buying this avatar package as a gift for someone, dm first. I'll send you a one time gift token that is a link you can send to a friend where they can redeem the avatar for free.

- You are NOT allowed to make the model public, share, leak or trade any assets in the package with other people.

- You are NOT allowed to re-sell the model even with or without an edit.

- You are NOT allowed to claim my works as your own.

- You are NOT allowed to upload the model for anyone else beside you.

- You are (NOT allowed)/prohibited to take any parts of the model for commercial/personal use. If you want any of the assets you need to buy them/get them from their original creator.

- In the future if VRChat update break something, it is NOT my responsibility to fix it.

- No refunds

  • when you buy this digital product, you're buying the license to use it and you do not actually own it. I still holds all the rights to it.

-You can edit the avi, but you can't edit it to the point it looks like a completely different avatar. (For example, taking the avi to blender and making drastic changes).

These Terms of Service are subject to change at any time. It's your responsibility to keep yourself updated with the changes.

Failure to follow any of these Terms of Service will result in you being blacklisted by me. Fines and legal action will be taken against you, and you'll be prevented from buying my future models or assets, and I will notify your actions to fellow avatar creators. 

For any help, feel free to add me on Discord: Lucas369#8083

I recommend you to not buy my avatar if you have little to no knowledge in uploading avatars in Unity.

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.

No Refund

Thank you for your interest in purchasing This 3d Model .

Before you make your purchase , we kindly ask that you carefully read our refund policy outlined below and my TOS . No Refunds Due to the digital nature of our product , all sales are final . Once you have gained access to the digital material , we are unable to offer refunds , exchanges , or cancellations . By making a purchase , you agree to these terms . product Access Upon successful payment , you will receive immediate access to the content. Please ensure that the email address you provide during the purchase process is accurate.

Last updated May 18, 2023

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Lenore, The Yin & Yang Succubus (PC/Quest/Green Optimized)-(Personal License only)

62 ratings