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Seph-Anime Style Cadet『Cute Chibi-Halloween Edition 』 (Personal License only)

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The latest member of the Zombie extermination Corp, Seph!!....or was?

Look at how cute she isss

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1- The Render image obviously gonna make the avi looks different a bit than in game, so make sure to watch the videos and the in-game photos!!
2-The Avi is SFW

3-The avi is high poly, but you can always delete the ghost hand or left arm claws (the extra stuff) to make it more optimized.

4-You can always test the avi in game before buying it.


-Avatar 3.0

-Several Custom Facial Expressions.

-Phys Bones supported

-Full-Body Ready And Tested.

-Headpats Particles

-Stabbing Blood Particles

-Sound affect when grabbing the cat and when nose boop.

-Support Gogo Locomotion


  • Infected Form (Zombie)

  • 3 Different Hairstyles
  • Different skin Tones
  • Hair material swap
  • Outfit Hueshift wheel

  • Cat Ears, tail and legs toggles.
  • Fangs and shark Teeth toggles
  • Elf Ears

  • Crow Summon

  • Ghost Hand

  • Knife with blood particles.
  • Katana with blood particles
    • Lightening Particles for the katana
  • Claws for both arms
  • Hat, cape, shoes, arm sleeve guard, arm band and shoulder guard toggles.
  • Earrings, Glasses, Face Chain, Face Seal, ring and side watch toggle.
  • Loco Mask
  • Cute Cat toggle
  • Bread Toggle
  • Robot Arm with an Attack toggle

  • Cursed Arm toogle
  • Face expression control toggles

A more detailed toggles showcase.


Base by Nyakoh#6666

Starlynn's Anime-Styled Head by Starlynn#8980

Hair Texture Pack Free by Cicieaaa#7777

Vrchat Crow Companion

Ghost Hand delux

Boots By DARCY#0005

Edgy Kitty set - Cat Ears & Tail by skeletib

Face Chain by Wiliem

Mixed Paw Pack by iceboundcannibal

Siri by Nessy!#7402

Buffy by Nessy!#7402

Canny Hair by deuvor

Witchcraft Uniform by .Kanna - rakastan sinua#9999

Glasses by iwasdeleted#9367 -

Mew Sounds

Electro trail

StopWatch by Kiseki_Tema#5024

Cat By strelizias

Lod's Knife Pack

Blossoming Katana

Robot arm Mk S3X (With blades)


Blood Particles by @fenglinsong


Locomotion GoGo

Image(s) used under license from

Everything else is made and textured by me (Lucas369)

Terms of Service:

Here are a few Terms of Service you will be automatically agree to when you purchase my model. Make sure you read through it.

-If you're buying this avatar package as a gift for someone, dm first. I'll send you a one time gift token that is a link you can send to a friend where they can redeem the avatar for free.

- You are NOT allowed to make the model public, share, leak or trade any assets in the package with other people.

- You are NOT allowed to re-sell the model even with or without an edit.

- You are NOT allowed to claim my works as your own.

- You are NOT allowed to upload the model for anyone else beside you.

-when you buy this digital product, you're buying the license to use it and you do not actually own it. I still holds all the rights to it.

- Don't do anything illegal or inappropriate with the model. Once you download the model anything wrong you do with it is your own responsibility and not mine.

-You must accurately provide your VRChat username and Discord information. Failure to do so may result in revocation of your access. Accurate information is essential for verifying your purchase and providing support when needed.

-I reserve the right to revoke your license and access to the avatar at any time for violations of any rules.

- You are (NOT allowed)/prohibited to take any parts of the model for commercial/personal use. If you want any of the assets you need to buy them/get them from their original creator.

- In the future if VRChat update break something, it is NOT my responsibility to fix it.

- No refunds

-You can edit the avi, but you can't edit it to the point it looks like a completely different avatar. (For example, taking the avi to blender and making drastic changes).

These Terms of Service are subject to change at any time. It's your responsibility to keep yourself updated with the changes.

Failure to follow any of these Terms of Service will result in you being blacklisted by me. Fines and legal action will be taken against you, and you'll be prevented from buying my future models or assets, and I will notify your actions to fellow avatar creators. 

For any help, feel free to add me on Discord: Lucas369#8083

I recommend you to not buy my avatar if you have little to no knowledge in uploading avatars in Unity. tags: avatar, female, sfw, chibi, Halloween, zombie

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No Refund

Thank you for your interest in purchasing This 3d Model .

Before you make your purchase , we kindly ask that you carefully read our refund policy outlined below and my TOS . No Refunds Due to the digital nature of our product , all sales are final . Once you have gained access to the digital material , we are unable to offer refunds , exchanges , or cancellations . By making a purchase , you agree to these terms . product Access Upon successful payment , you will receive immediate access to the content. Please ensure that the email address you provide during the purchase process is accurate.

Last updated Oct 19, 2023

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Seph-Anime Style Cadet『Cute Chibi-Halloween Edition 』 (Personal License only)

21 ratings
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