Chainsaw Man-『New Free Avi!!!!』-(Personal License only)

218 ratings
I want this!

Chainsaw Man-『New Free Avi!!!!』-(Personal License only)

218 ratings

New Freee avi!!!. Thank you for always supporting me. Please enjoy this free model ♥.
You'll find the code to get the avi for free in #free_avatar in my server

Click Here

Important stuff:

  • Upload commission: Normally I do uploads of my avatars for free. but since this is a free avi, I can't upload for everyone, so there will be a 5$ fee if you want me to upload the avi to your account just join my discord server and type your info in #upload request.
  • Don’t make the avatar public or share the package. Share the link so people can get Free updates.
  • He is SFW
  • If I see a lot of Good ratings and people like him, I’ll consider making more free avis in the future.
  • Enjoyyyy My Early Christmas present ♥♥♥


-Avatar 3.0

-Several Custom Facial Expressions.

-Phys Bones supported

-Full-Body Ready And Tested.

-Supports Locomotion GoGo

-Cute Pochita Pet Follower

-Contact Receivers to produce blood Effect.


  • Chainsaw transformation with hueshift for the eyes and head.
  • Chainsaws for the both Arms and head with blood effect.
  • Hair and clothes customization with a hueshift.
  • Open shirt animations.
  • Glasses and eyepatch options.
  • Pochita as a pet follower with hueshift.
  • GoGo Loco Menu Toggles


Head By ZinPia

Body By Zinpia

Clothes By michaelstl#2834 (Commissioned)

Pochita and The Chainsaw head by Fearell_Val#5156 (Commisioned)

Shoes By Lucas369

Eyepatch By Lucas369

Hipster Glasses By ElizaByteVR

Hair by ZinPia

Hair texure by WetCat#6969

Follower System By Red#1832

Locomotion GoGo

Terms of Service:

Here are a few Terms of Service you will be automatically agree to when you purchase my model. Make sure you read through it.

- You are NOT allowed to make the model public, share, leak or trade any assets in the package with other people.

- You are NOT allowed to re-sell the model even with or without an edit.

- You are NOT allowed to claim my works as your own.

- You are NOT allowed to upload the model for anyone else beside you.

- Don't do anything illegal or inappropriate with the model. Once you download the model anything wrong you do with it is your own responsibility and not mine.

- You are (NOT allowed)/prohibited to take any parts of the model for commercial/personal use. If you want any of the assets you need to buy them/get them from their original creator.

- In the future if VRChat update break something, it is NOT my responsibility to fix it.

- No refunds

-You can edit the avi, but you can't edit it to the point it looks like a completely different avatar. (For example, taking the avi to blender and making drastic changes).

These Terms of Service are subject to change at any time. It's your responsibility to keep yourself updated with the changes.

Failure to follow any of these Terms of Service will result in you being blacklisted by me. Fines and legal action will be taken against you, and you'll be prevented from buying my future models or assets, and I will notify your actions to fellow avatar creators. 

For any help, feel free to add me on Discord: Lucas369#8083

I recommend you to not buy my avatar if you have little to no knowledge in uploading avatars in Unity.

I want this!
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